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Paying for Parking Violations

The Parking Authority of the City of Elizabeth does not process payments for parking violations. Please direct parking violation payments and questions to the violations bureau as indicated on the back of your ticket. Payments can be made for parking violations online at:

If the function of a parking meter is in dispute concerning your parking violation, please visit us during our office hours to address the situation.

Board of Commissioners

The Parking Authority of the City of Elizabeth holds meetings the second Wednesday of each month at the Parking Authority office located at 233 Commerce Place, at 7pm.

The Parking Authority was created pursuant to an Ordinance passed by City Council on October 24, 1952; and amended by Ordinance adopted January 9. 1979, pursuant to NJSA 40:11A. Effective January 4, 1990 all seven appointments will be made by the Mayor for 5 year terms with the advice and consent of City Council pursuant to Ch. 258 P.L. 1989.

Gisela Bernal-Castro

Ezzio A. Bustamante-Varea

Kelly Taylor

Felix Martinez

Carla A. Mazza
Executive Director

Matthew D. Rinaldo

Maritza A. Maseda

John F. Bernal

John B. Moriarty